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TEL: 624.124.6313
Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico

Sarahuaro Fudacion AC
Sarahuaro Fudacion AC
Sarahuaro Fudacion AC
Sarahuaro Fudacion AC
Sarahuaro Fudacion AC
Sarahuaro Fudacion AC

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Sarahuaro AC Fundación


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Fundacion Sarahuaro A.C. is a local non profit organization committed to educating and  providing basic needs to our community's most in-need population consisting primarily of women and children.

Sarahuaro serves to foster ownership, responsibility, pride, self-esteem, and confidence through education, training and accountability, while working to instill strong moral, ethical, educational and occupational values, as well as creating opportunity’s to Los Cabos's future generations.

Los Cabos is undergoing accelerated demographic growth, due in large part to the migration of families from mainland Mexico. Some arrive in deplorable conditions, entire families hoping to find jobs in our Community. We are here to help these families, through education and Social change.

OUR FOUNDER Tere Cue Burkart…


“The idea of creating a Foundation, initiated the day I saw the expressions of joy in my children’s faces, then 4, 6 and 8 years of age, when together we handed out money that the five of us worked to collect, with our dear friends Julieta and Pepe Cantu, who donated some boxes we sold and collected money, to help buy a prosthesis for a gentleman that sold newspapers on the streets of Cabo San Lucas. 

That day I realized that by helping others, WE are the ones that are fulfilled and enriched. This is why I decided to present my Children with an invaluable treasure: the example of giving to others. The same lesson my Family gave me. I spoke of my idea to Lulis Lozano, who without hesitation joined me in my efforts, with her tenacious character and we began to build this reality. We invited Nina Fernandez del Castillo, and this is when we add the Human quality of Nina, and so our work began, over time, adding each day ... hand in hand with my husband Fede, Santiago and Maria Ponce and invaluable men and women, who managed to create a firm foundation, Sarahuaro is born, an is, what it is today.

And now, is when, you have to let it fly in the hands of new people to see it grow, always hoping someday that our children with their children will come back and continue this mission, generation after generation.



Providing education to women and young people is the key to reducing poverty in my opinion. I have been very fortunate to see the results of specific programs with many young people globally over my lifetime.

Having the opportunity now to work with women and children in our community allows me to extend this belief and see the results in a short period of time. We are providing mothers an opportunity to learn a skill, be a better parent and contribute to the family.



Our Mission is to educate Women and Children, provide opportunities for self development and personal growth. Our goal is, stop the cycle. Change not charity.


  • Human Development workshop
  • Human Values
  • Social Skills
  • Parenting
  • Nutrition for the Family
  • Enhancing Creativity skills
  • Knitting, Sewing and Embroidering
  • Introduction to reading and writing
  • Reading and writing 1
  • Reading and writing for Adults
  • Introduction to English for Children
  • English for Adults 1-2 and 3
  • Crafts and Sports for young children
  • Social Change Projects for our youth GJC (Gente Joven por un Cambio)
  • Community visits to the home
  • Psychological Assistance


Our Management Strategy is to have the community be self- reliant and manage the day to day operations of a site.  We guide them thru the process of making the day to day operational decisions and having an operational budget. Each of us have different strengths but together we are an amazing force of knowledge and inspiration for the women.

Onagh Ash: President & Acting Executive Director.

Cristina Campos Duran: Director of Educational Programs & Workshops.

Cheryl Cohen: Director of Marketing & Merchandising
Contact at 624-128-2285, e-mail:

Isabel Orozco Gonzalez: Director of Operations/Administration.

Joaquin Pineda Moncada: Director of Art, Social Projects & Social Change.


Onagh Ash  President and Founder of GJC,
Resides in Los Cabos and Truckee, California. Successful retired Business Management Consultant. Founder of Gente Joven por un Cambio.

Federico Burkart:
Vicepresident of Grupo CodeliServisan. has serverd for over 28 years. Lives in Coronado, California. Married, father of three.

Diego Gutierrez:
Resides in Los Cabos, successful Developer and Civil Engineer from Guadalajara, Mexico,Founder of GD Construction. Proud father of 3 boys and community sports leader.

Santiago Ponce:
Business man with over 30 years of experience of several industries. Married and proud grandfather.

Bernard Signoret:
Born and raised in Mexico city, mixing both Mexican / French cultures resides in Los Cabos . Successful Real Estate professional who has a passion for working with the community. Proud father of a daughter.




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TEL: 624.124.6313
Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico
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